With DOL audits and employee complaints on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure your benefits programs and processes meet all compliance and deadline requirements.

Failure to comply with many of today’s requirements can mean costly government penalties, personal liability for managers, and potential employee lawsuits.


Many employers need help to make sure they are in compliance. There are several ways to calculate ACA eligible employees and forms that need to be filed with the government and provided to employees. The penalties to employers can be very costly. We have the tools to put your mind at ease.


Employers with 20 or more employees and offer health insurance, are subject to COBRA laws. They are required to offer COBRA to employee and their dependents if they enrolled in medical, dental, vision. Employers who are not in compliant to these COBRA laws can accumulate high penalties. We can help with all the requirements


Most employers do not fully understand ERISA, and how it impacts business and employees. Employers not compliant with ERISA laws can accumulate costly penalties and employee lawsuits. We can help with all the ERISA documents that employers need to be in compliant.


There are stringent guidelines regarding FMLA – and big penalties for not following them.  We have resources to help you make sense of what the rules and guidelines are and to assist you in being compliant.


Flexible Spending Account is a tax-favored program offered by employer that allows their employees to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expense with pre-tax dollars. This can be somewhat complex for employers to administer a flex plan. We are able to take that burden away from the employer.


When is the last time you updated your Premium Only Plan document?  With all of the changes over the past 10 years it is estimated that over 50% of POP documents are no longer compliant. We are able to help with updating documentation.