When it is time to enroll, we tailor our services to fit your specific needs.


BeneChoice's traditional one-to-one enrollments offer the most employee engagement and best opportunity for decision-making support. To help educate and counsel employees on their benefit needs, we go to the worksite and spend one-to-one time meeting with each employee and enrolling them.

If we make any updates or changes, we will make them in a confidential manner. The employer gets up-to-date information on all employees. This reduces HR errors in sending incorrect documents such as COBRA notices, W-2s and 1095s.


We also offer the option of co-browsing. It’s the same as a one-to-one enrollment session but conducted while co-browsing online, giving the employee the advantage of viewing the benefits counselor's screen, while talking with a BeneChoice benefits counselor on the phone. Both the benefits counselor and employee log in to our online enrollment system. The employee has all the advantages of a one-to-one session but it’s simply over the phone.

Group Enrollment

We also offer the option of paper enrollments in a group meeting format. Employees can sign up for specific product offerings using personalized pre-printed enrollment forms during a standard group meeting or simple paper enrollment process.

Call Center

The call center option is for accounts to ensure that employees who can't physically meet with one of our counselors can still enroll in their benefits. Accounts can rest assured that the people enrolling their employees over the phone are professional counselors who are experienced in conducting both core and ancillary benefits enrollments.

Self Enroll

Not making changes? Employees can have the choice to ‘self-enroll’ rather than speak with a benefits counselor.