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Technology That Works for You

In today’s “there’s an app for that” environment, there are numerous opportunities to use technology to make things easier. Recent studies show that more than half of all employers lack technology programs to help them carry out basic annual benefits enrollment and human resource tasks beyond payroll. Technology helps ease the burden on financial and talent resources while improving HR’s ability to streamline benefits enrollment and tackle daily administrative tasks. 

BeneChoice has taken paperless processing to a whole new level. With our technology, we make sure your benefits are compliant, secure and readily-available. Already have a system? Many times we can enhance and utilize your current benefits administration or HRIS system.

Ditch the Paper - Go Green

Though technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, many organizations are not keeping pace. Paper documents are still prevalent in many organizations. Employees now expect a “Digital Library” where they can have 24/7 access to personal enrollment data, view enrolled family members, designated beneficiaries and other important personal and company information. Cloud and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and increasing automation have created numerous opportunities to use technology to make things easier. In turn, employees entering todays’ workforce are expecting more things to be available to them digitally.

Ready for a Benefits Administration Upgrade?

Introducing BeneMatrix

No compromises required – we say YES when others say no!

BeneMatrix is a robust, event driven system that can accommodate enrollment of practically any combination of benefits, including multiple plan options, business rules, eligibility criteria and dependency within each benefit.

It also incorporates a variety of components including communication, benefit selection, forms completion, confirmations, and data exchange. And can be deployed to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Yet what REALLY sets us apart from the competition is the team that stands behind BeneMatrix. From our in-house design “Starchitects” to our highly trained and knowledgeable Account Management and Customer Service teams, we custom craft BeneMatrix to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our customers.

Tired of compromises? BeneMatrix is no “out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all” system. It adapts to your company’s specific needs, not the other way around.

56% of companies surveyed are redesigning their HR programs to leverage digital and mobile tools.

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Book a Demo at your convenience. We will cover any specific questions and share suggestions for your unique needs.


Two Sites, One Solution

From enrollment and employee engagement to ACA reporting and tracking, BeneMatrix handles it all.

Be sure to ask how our Enrollment Solutions include teaching your employees to self-enroll in BeneMatrix as well as self-serve throughout the year – delivering high-tech, without high-touch!

Administrator Site

  • Manage employee eligibility/benefits
  • View carrier rules, eligibility, rates
  • Monitor deliverable reports and files
  • Search for employees or run reports
  • Access forms library, user guides and how-to videos

Employee Experience

  • Review current benefits, make/change benefit elections, process qualified life events
  • Access SBCs, confirmation forms and other personal documents
  • Access communication tools, watch videos, find links to carriers
  • Mobile friendly – access from laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

It’s All Here

✓ Benefit Administration Technology
✓ Employee Management
✓ Employee Education
✓ Open Enrollment Dashboard
✓ Document Library
✓ Employee Communication and Education

✓ Carrier Feeds & Integration
✓ New Hire Onboarding
✓ ACA Compliance
✓ Robust Reporting
✓ Data Validation/Reconciliation
✓ Manage Multiple Plan Years Simultaneously – No Black Outs

Request a Demo

Book a Demo at your convenience. We will cover any specific questions and share suggestions for your unique needs.

Administration System Features

Carrier Agnostic

Because BeneMatrix isn’t tied to a carrier or a vendor, you can mix and match products from various carriers and vendors to customize the best solution for you and your employees.

Eligibility Rules

Ability to partition by location, job class or bargaining group – including dependencies between plans.

Integrated Presentations

Present attractive, custom PPTs or video presentations for each benefit plan – including dependency based on specific eligibility groups.

Employee Self-Service

Empower employees by encouraging them to make their benefits elections, keep their personal information up-to-date, and routinely review communication and education tools via BeneMatrix.

Co-Browsing and/or Chat Room

Administrators control web-based enrollment sessions with employees, including delegating control to employees for specific tasks such as signing forms. Optional “chat room” feature allows employees to “chat” directly with HR during open enrollment.

Custom Forms

Automatically fill out carrier, compliance, or custom employer forms, including form signatures using either a PIN or digitized employee signature.

Scheduled Reporting

Receive scheduled reports via an email notification sent directly to approved recipients.

Rules-Based Wrap Up

Apply employer defined default rules for employees who do not participate in the enrollment process.

Year-Round Enrollment

Process benefit enrollment and management for new hires and benefit changes due to qualifying life events. Eliminate dual, triple or quadruple entries into multiple carrier portals.

Custom Electronic Data Interchange Feeds

Support a variety of HIPAA-compliant data extracts and reports that can be scheduled for delivery at regular intervals to carriers and other partners.

BENEMATRIX ENGAGE provides a multi-channel, 2-way communication experience that enables organizations to connect with their employees through targeted, relevant communication and real-time feedback.


Dynamic Messaging

SMS texting, push notifications and emails all from your dash-board. Schedule and automate campaigns, corporate messages and surveys throughout the year to engage your employees.

Audience Targeting

Define each targeted and specific employee group by age, location, job type, benefits elected, income and more to deliver meaningful content with laser-like precision.

Measurable Outcomes

Know where you stand with real-time metrics, including open and click rates, survey/quiz responses and campaign performance. Define and track strategic goals with historical reporting.

Effective Communication Lays the Foundation for An Engaged Workforce

Workplace communication reigns as the critical ingredient involved in making or breaking the greater employee experience. Increased demands on HR departments and technology deficiencies consistently inhibit the creation and execution of effective employee communications. So how do organizations engage a modern-day, transitioning workforce?

Leverage hundreds of data points to deliver your message to the right audience. Drive desired behavior and organizational change through targeted communication that matters to your employees.


Deliver the right message to the right audience every time. Leverage critical data points like age, location, job type, benefit elections, and more to deliver meaningful content with laser-like precision.



SMS texting, push notifications and emails all from a single dashboard. Schedule and automate campaigns, messages and surveys to engage your audience effortlessly throughout the year.


Know where you stand with access to real-time statistics that include open and click rates, survey/quiz responses, and campaign performance. Define strategic goals for your organization and track performance over time with historical reporting.

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Book a Demo at your convenience. We will cover any specific questions and share suggestions for your unique needs.