How to Offer Dental Insurance in Benefits Packages

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Benefits are important to your employees. Providing the best possible options to the men and women who work hard for you is a great way to show your appreciation. Though general health insurance packages can be helpful, you may also want to offer a bit more. Dental insurance, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to delivering a benefits package that will get your employees excited. To select the right option, you may need a better understanding of what coverage is provided by a solid dental plan.

Preventative Care

Most dental plans will offer preventative care. This feature helps you, the insurance provider, and your employees save money because preventative care limits the need for more expensive and involved procedures. This will usually cover an annual checkup and cleaning, though it will not always fully cover services like x-rays, fillings, or surgical procedures.

Orthodontia Options

While preventative care can be a good foundation, you may want to go above and beyond with what you’re providing your staff. Orthodontia options are available through some providers, which helps to cover some or all of the costs of corrective dental treatments.

A Large Network

There are specific factors you want to consider when shopping around for the right insurance. Not all plans are created equal, and some options limit what dentists you and your employees can visit. Closely examine the network options offered by the insurance provider before making your decision. Some plans will even allow you to go outside of your network and select your own dentist, so take your time to find a plan that provides the broadest range of options.

Whistles and Bells

Some dental plans go a bit farther than others in plan design. Some will allow “takeover” credit from a prior plan so that you do not have to go through a waiting period when changing from one carrier to another. Some plans also offer a  “rollover” feature that allows you to carry over part of your annual maximum benefit—very nice if you typically just get your scheduled cleanings and in a future year had to have some major dental work done.

Picking out health benefits for your employees can be a challenge. By considering options like dental coverage, you’re doing your part to provide for the people who help make your business a success.

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