How to Think Creatively About Voluntary Benefit Offerings

By January 14, 2020 No Comments

One of the best ways to recruit and retain the best talent is through offering voluntary benefits. Some of these benefits include dental and vision insurance coverages, but some companies are thinking out of the box an offering unique benefits that suit their employees and the company culture. Two ways to improve think creatively about which ones you offer are to listen to their preferences and offer an understanding of the benefits.


Some companies are offering new voluntary benefits by asking for employee preferences or by asking industry contacts for suggestions like pet insurance, gym benefits and informal paid time off plans. Using your existing employees as a brainstorming resource can give you ideas you may not think of otherwise as well as give you some insight into which struggles your personnel are facing. This can include everything from needing financial advice or help with student loans to ride-sharing programs and increased parking access.


One common complaint that employees have about voluntary benefits is not understanding which insurance plans to choose or which benefits will be the best for them to take. If you offer one-on-one advice for choosing benefits as well as for problems such as saving for retirement or paying off student loans, then you can make a huge headway in increasing work satisfaction and company morale. This can take the form of electronic classes, a dedicated human resources contact or even routine or mandatory classes.

The more creatively you can think about voluntary benefit offerings, the better you can retain and recruit key personnel. As overall culture changes, so does the interest in unique voluntary benefit offerings such as help with student loans, pet insurance and more. You can find creative ideas by asking for employee preferences and offering classes to understand voluntary benefits offered.

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