Measuring a Benefits Administration Process’ Efficiency

By March 17, 2020 No Comments

Administering benefits can be one of the biggest challenges that HR representatives face. Though it is a necessary process, benefits administration can easily become a headache. While it is impossible to guarantee an enrollment period that is free of issues, there are a handful of precautionary measures you can take. Measure the efficiency of your own process by exploring some of these common problems you might encounter down the line.

Education Is Crucial

A large chunk of problems experienced during an enrollment period comes from misinformation. Studies have shown that more than half of employees wind up enrolling in the wrong health plan for their needs because they are not properly educated on their options. While you do not need to spoon feed every detail to employees, you should organize an information session where people can voice questions or receive guidance.

Lack of Order

Benefits administration can also prove difficult when there is no centralized place for benefit information to be stored. When health insurance information is located on one server and 401(k) data on another, employees can easily forget where to go when they have questions. Investing in an integrated HR system can help solve this, as it compiles all relevant information into one app. Not only is this useful for the employees, but the features of these integrated systems can also make your job as an HR representative a lot easier.

Often, these programs will feature options that help you manually create a benefits plan each year with ease. In addition, you can explore features that will help you collect vital data, monitor elections and declines, and streamline your entire process.

Create a Simpler Process

The secret to a simple benefits administration process is thinking ahead and trying to stop problems before they begin. Explore your options with integrated HR systems and help educate employees about their benefits to improve efficiency along the way.

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