Relieve the Stress of Benefits Administration

By September 3, 2019 No Comments

Benefits administration can cause a great deal of stress within your HR department. Whether you’re heading into the stressful open enrollment period or your staff is feeling stressed after a particularly challenging week, here are some key ways to relieve stress and create a positive company culture in your HR department.

Practice Moderation in the Workplace

Balancing new projects with routine work can be especially challenging for an HR department. If your employees need to focus on open enrollment tasks while juggling their daily workload, this can lead to stress and feelings of burnout. Find ways to alleviate these tasks and assist your employees in balancing their expanded workload.

Communicate Across the Generation Line

How many generations are represented in your company? Many HR departments are working with as many as four generations of employees. These generation lines can cloud communication and make it difficult to clearly communicate with every individual. Find a clear communication strategy that works for everyone in the office to ensure that their jobs are as stress-free as possible.

Assist Employees in Understanding Benefits

Finally, your HR department may already have benefits and resources available to relieve stress in the workplace, but your employees may not be aware of it. Encourage your HR department to carefully review all the relevant benefits, and consider training your employees in the resources available to them. This will encourage them to take advantage of the many resources you’ve already invested in and assist them in relieving stress without adding additional benefits or investing in other resources.

Don’t let your HR employees suffer from unnecessary stress and burnout this open enrollment season. Take the time to educate them on their relevant benefits, balance their workload and keep a positive company culture as your entire company navigates a busy week or season.

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