Why You Need a Benefits Enrollment Firm

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Businesses of any size, shape, or structure can improve benefits enrollment success with the use of an enrollment firm. Enrollment firms use benefits counselors to provide, one on one consultations with all benefit eligible employees which maximize participation by delivering the education that employees need to make the best choices for their household. Benefits enrollment firms lend expertise that every business can take advantage of to ensure the best value for their employees.

The Resources You Need

One of the resources that enrollment firms share is a collection of communication specialists who are trained in explaining the value of core and voluntary benefits. Some other resources provided by enrollment firms include benefit administration systems, call center, and new hire onboarding support for employee benefits enrollment across multiple locations, systems to reach all employees, and implementation strategies fit for businesses of any size or structure.

Communication Leads to Satisfaction

When employers use enrollment firms, they are able to gather information about their employees and provide exactly what their employees need. Employee communication and education are supercharged resulting in Employees that are much more satisfied with their benefits and have an improved understanding of what is offered to them. Wellness programs and most other benefits surge with employee engagement once thoroughly explained. According to Trustmark’s Independent study of employees, 93% of employees want to talk to someone for benefits information and most HR departments don’t have the resources to spend more than a few minutes with each employee.

Reduce HR Strain

Another major benefit of using benefits enrollment firms is the reduced strain on the workload of human resources departments. During enrollment periods, it is often a benefit to have one-on-one enrollment, but most HR departments cannot give the number of hours that this process requires. When an enrollment firm comes in, they will coach employees and answer employees’ questions through every step along the way. In the Trustmark study listed above, 90% of employees who had one-on-one enrollment with an insurance representative expressed high satisfaction with their enrollment.

Popular Corporate Initiatives

Benefits Services for Employers

  • Benefits administration systems
  • Tools for Affordable Care Act reporting
  • On-boarding and on-boarding support


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