Ensuring Enrollment Participation with a
Multi-Faceted Approach

A hospital of 664 employees with an overworked and understaffed HR department, who manually handled all aspects of their benefits package, struggled each year with open enrollment, new hire on-boarding and keeping employee data up- to-date and compliant.

With 3 unions, 18 job classes and 14 rate groups, manually updating internal records and various carrier portals was time consuming and repetitive—leaving a lot of room for human error.

Added to their struggles were multiple worksite carriers with varying products and limited levels of support.

BeneChoice Enrollment Solutions & Technology, Inc. (BEST) was able to provide, set up, and implement a state-of-the-art benefits administration system at no initial cost to the client.
This system provided automated efficiencies—including EDI feeds to carriers and vendors and a paperless enrollment environment.
In addition, BEST provided full-core benefits open enrollment support, featuring employee benefit communication and education, as well as consolidated and enhanced the client’s menu of worksite products.


  • Manual paper based open enrollment process with limited HR staff.
  • Multiple core benefit vendors requiring access to a variety of carrier portals for employee enrollment data.
  • Multiple voluntary benefit vendors with varying levels of employee education and support. (One vendor hadn’t returned in nine years.)
  • Employee census data, including beneficiary elections, was not up-to-date.


  • BEST launched a multi-level employee communication & education campaign including attendance at their annual benefits fair.
  • BEST was on-site with a team of 8 benefit counselors working different shifts Monday-Friday from 6:00 am – Midnight to educate employees on their total benefit options, update their beneficiary designation, and obtain their 2018 benefits election.
  • BEST met with 90% of the employees (598 employees) during a 5-day on-site enrollment period.
  • BEST’s internal call center worked with an additional 7% of the employees to complete their open enrollment via our call center system.
  • BEST worked with HR to determine and log the status of the remaining 3% of the employees.
The results?
  • The team at BEST met with 97% of benefit eligible employees during open enrollment.
  • Employee participation increased after BEST consolidated worksite vendors and negotiated guarantee issue on most products.
  • All employee data was scrubbed and updated, including beneficiary information.

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