Case Study:Dependent Verification Program Creates Increased Participation and Streamlined, Sustainable Systems

A county government with 754 employees over 8 locations needed to simplify their insurance enrollment process.

Due to multiple locations and benefits, the process was cumbersome for both employees and HR.

So who did they call? BeneChoice, of course!

They wanted active, open enrollment requiring mandatory employee log-in to update and capture employee personal data as well as benefit elections for upcoming plan year.

Due to complexity of core benefits, some enrollment forms were required. The government was having difficulty with dependent verification, so our team needed to collect the proper verification for all dependents.

BeneChoice worked with the county to develop a comprehensive campaign to inform employees about open enrollment. The campaign was designed to ensure that employees understood exactly why the county was making enrollment mandatory and why every employee needed to “actively” elect their benefits.

The required meetings resulted in cleaner data, forms, and increased participation.

The increases stemmed from employees gaining a better understanding of their benefit options in their meetings with BeneChoice benefit counselors. That’s why we met face-to-face or over the phone will each of the 754 employees.

Employees had never had a face-to-face enrollment before. Many liked the process and found it extremely helpful to have someone offer guidance and counsel regarding their benefit needs.

The county did not have a benefits administration system, so they were thrilled that BEST was able to complete the entire enrollment through our benefits administration system including dependent verification and updating life insurance beneficiaries.

What exactly did BeneChoice do?

We customized the enrollment system with current employee demographics and new benefits open enrollment data. Our benefit counselors met with all employees face-to-face and completed all benefit elections during open enrollment.

We scrubbed employee data for clean upload when the enrollment was completed, and returned clean payroll information and dependent verification to the group within one week of enrollment ending.

BeneChoice consolidated and reduced the number of voluntary benefit carriers, streamlined employee benefit offerings, and increased overall participation all on a guaranteed issue basis.

Are you struggling with a cumbersome enrollment process, no benefit administration system, or low employee enrollment?

You don’t want HR to have to deal with this.

In fact, one HR leader told us she did “the Snoopy dance” because she didn’t have to work until 10 pm every night in December and was able to actually leave for Christmas— thanks to working with us!

You can outsource this huge project to experts with a proven track record of success, go paperless, and get supported with BeneChoice.

By partnering with us, you are working with a benefits enrollment company with over 30 years of experience in workplace benefits.

Our programs help employers protect their bottom line and offer the very BEST in benefits to their employees. We have several services to help lighten the load of your human resource department and help companies stay compliant in today’s ever changing benefits world.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your unique challenge. For more case studies, click on a link below.