BeneChoice Transforms School District’s Enrollment to an Efficient and Effective Process

A school district with 1,800 employees over 37 locations was having a difficult time. Due to multiple locations, the enrollment process had always been extremely cumbersome for both employees and employer.

The district wanted active open enrollment requiring mandatory employee log-in to update and capture employee personal data as well as benefit elections for upcoming plan year…so they called BeneChoice.

We worked with the client to develop a comprehensive campaign to inform employees about enrollment, meeting with 92% of benefit eligible employees. The campaign was designed to ensure that employees understood exactly why the company was making enrollment mandatory and what would happen to their benefits if they did not participate.

The required meetings resulted in cleaner data, forms and increased participation. The increases stemmed from employees gaining a better understanding of their benefit options in the meetings with BEST counselors.

Employees actually thanked human resources for the opportunity to have their benefits explained!

HR was thrilled with our results. The process went from cumbersome to efficient and effective. We even scrubbed employee data for clean upload when enrollment was completed and returned the clean payroll information to the group within a week of enrollment ending.

The following was provided to the Client at NO direct cost to them:

  • On site benefit counselors that visited all employers’ locations.
  • Customized announcements and emails for employee distribution as well as an online automated signup system.
  • Automated follow-up with daily “not-seen” list for human resources.
  • Manual enrollment form collection for plans that would not allow electronic enrollment due to state requirements.
  • Cleaned data files delivered to carrier for upload, as well as clean data file for company’s payroll system.
  • New hire enrollment on boarding on a monthly basis via BeneChoice’s benefit counselors.

By partnering with BeneChoice, you are working with a benefits enrollment company with over 30 years of experience in workplace benefits. Our programs help employers protect their bottom line and offer the very best in benefits to their employees. We have several services to help lighten the load of your human resource department and help your company stay compliant in today’s ever changing benefits world.

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