Increased Enrollment By 1275% With No Paperwork

A facility maintenance & installation company with 67 employees spread out across 22 states was struggling with heinously low enrollment rates. They offered medical, dental, and vision coverage but wanted to start offering life and disability coverage, too.

Because the group was so spread out across the country and didn’t have an organized way to talk with their employees, enrollment was at an all-time low of 4%.

The business understood the benefits of offering great insurance coverage including life, disability, and accident insurance, but they had no strategy and no clear way to communicate with their employees.

That’s where BeneChoice Enrollment Solutions and Technology (BEST) came in! We strategically formed a plan with management and spoke to every single employee in the business.

We took a tactical approach, completely over the phone, helping the broker and HR convey all of their benefits and enroll employees. We simplified their open enrollment and automated and tracked the results. Our streamlined electronic approach was efficient and effective, allowing us to save the company time and hassle.

The best part?

The company got to keep their carrier.

They had gone through the whole set-up process, setting up payroll deductions and laying the foundation for the system, three years ago. We came in and simply formulated a way to get the word out to employees, for an increase of 1275% participation with no paperwork at all.

Outsourcing open enrollment to a strategic third party like BEST can simplify the process of open enrollment, automate and track results, execute better solutions with a more tactical approach, audit for carrier discrepancies, handle eligibility management, and offer year-round support.

If you want to increase your participation by 1275% like this company did, call us today!

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